Dwayne Charles

Dwayne Alex Charles (23 August 1995 in Port Benedict) is a Pintonan soccer player who plays for FC Molenbeek in Libertas and the Pintona national football team as a midfielder. Charles was the youngest soccer player to play in the Pintonan League, aged 14.


He made his debut for Bluehill United's first team in the Pintonan League in November 2009, aged 14, becoming the youngest player ever in the competition. He played four games with Bluehill's reserve team in the Stanley Warren Cup and another two in the league. Dwayne joined Union FC for the 2010 season, making eight appearances.

Charles played the with Michigan Bucks in the United States for the next two seasons, both on loan. He only played four games for the Bucks' first team, but played another 25 for the reserve team. In February 2013, he was loaned to Ocala Stampede, becoming member of the All-Conference Team. He joined Union FC in 2014, signing a new contract and becoming regular starter for Union.

Charles went to Libertan team FC Molenbeek in January 2015. He joined former team Union on loan for half a year but went to Molenbeek's first team in the Summer. With Molenbeek, Charles won the 2015-16 WNFA Leaders League. He scored two times for his team in the group stage. In January 2016, he suffered from a knee injury. He played as a regular starter for Molenbeek in the 2016-17 First Division and extended his contract at the club in June 2017.

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