Pintona Airlines

Pintona Airlines is a Pintonan state-owned airline and the national flag carrier of Pintona since 1968. Based on Amarillo International Airport in Port Benedict, Pintona Airlines is a member of the Fly Alliance since 25 November 2015. The airline operates flights to the Caribbean, Europe, North America and South America.


Pintona Airlines was founded in January 1968 by the Pintonan government. The newly built Port Benedict International Airport in Port Benedict, Pintona's capital in development, served as the headquarters of the flag carrier. At the beginning, it only scheduled flights to other Caribbean islands such as Trinidad and Tobago, Barbados and Dominica.

The airport's expansion in the 1990s led to more flights from Port Benedict. For the very first time, planes were leaving for the United States and even the United Kingdom and Libertas. The latter was Pintona's first partner in international wikinational co-operation.

Since 2003, Jared Linley has been CEO of Pintona Airlines and under his management, the airline joined Fly Alliance, a Libertas-based wikinational airline alliance, on November 25, 2015.