Politics in Pintona has been dominated by three main parties, the People's Party (PP), the Centrist Party (CP) and the New Wave Movement (NWM). The PP was swapt into power following independence in 1935 and kept a solid majority under Prime Minister Stanley Warren through the Second World War. He gained a cult following as "Father of the Nation" and was elected with 70%+ every time. When Warren died in 1947, the CP came into power and would hold office until 1965, when PM Charles Worrell was defeated and the PP returned to power. After another decade of PP rule, the New Wave under Abdoul Harlow swept the polls and had an unprecedented 78% majority. They nationalized many industries and proclaimed the country a republic. He was assassinated in 1978 (many claim it was the CIA). New elections were held and the New Wave was re-elected, albeit with a slim majority. The American Invasion of Grenada led many to fear a similar occupation if they re-elected a radically left-leaning New Wave into office, so the PP returned after nearly twenty years. Etta Mayfield, the country's first female PM took the lead. After serving a second term, the NWM returned to office and was followed by Montrose W. Maynor of the CP. The Current PM is George Maynard, having been elected in 2018.