Gilbert Ronald Warren

Current Prime Minister Gilbert Warren.

Lydia milham

Former Prime Minister Lydia Milham.

The Prime Minister, or PM, is the head of government of Pintona. The Prime Minister is the person in charge of the Parliament and is the leader of the largest party in Parliament. The current Prime Minister is Dr. Gilbert Warren who is with the Centrist Party and was elected in 2013. Prime Ministers serve five years though elections can happen before if the government has no confidence.

List of Prime MinistersEdit

  1. Stanley Warren, PP (1935-1940, 1940-45, 1945-1947)
  2. Samuel Roberts, CP (1947-1952)
  3. Charles Worrell, CP (1952-1957, 1957-1962, 1962-1965)
  4. Abraham E. Niles, PP (1965-1970, 1970-1975)
  5. Abdoul Harlow, NWM (1975-1978)
  6. Wilton Amarillo Jr., NWM (1978-1983)
  7. Etta Mayfield, PP (1983-1988, 1988-1993, 1993-1998)
  8. Martin Birney, NWM (1998-2003)
  9. Montrose W. Maynor, CP (2003-2008)
  10. Lydia Milham, PP (2008-2013)
  11. Gilbert Warren, CP (2013-now)

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