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Baptist Church.

This article describes religion in Pintona. Due to the Spanish settlers, over 60% of the population of Pintona is Roman Catholic and 20% is Protestant.

Religion Century Popularity
Christianity 1500s-1700s 100%
Christianty 1800s-1900s 88%
Christianity 2000-2012 80%
Atheism 1500-1700s 0%
Atheism 1800s-1900s 2%
Atheism 2000-2012 10%
Muslim 1500s-1700s 0%
Islam 1800s-1900s 1%
Islam 2000-2012 4%
Judaism 1500s-1700s 0%
Judaism 1800s-1900s 0%
Judaism 2000-2012 2%
Baptistm 1500s-1700s 0%
Baptistm 1800s-1900s 8%
Baptistm 2000-2012 4%

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